Personal Training Programs As low as $60 per one hour session! $720 for 12 one-hour sessions $520 for 8 one-hour sessions Train 3 x a week with your trainer | Up to 12 x per month Sessions do not roll over & must be used within 31 consecutive days period The above rates are for […]

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New Clients Only! Functional training exercises for weight loss and mobility, 3 sessions for $85 in Jersey City. Learn from our experienced personal trainers at one of our two locations. This will give you an opportunity to assess us as we complete our fitness assessment and build a program that will work for you. If you […]

Why strength training is important for results than cardio Strength, cardiovascular health and endurance are essential for a heathy lifestyle – not to mention that body you’ve always wanted. You shouldn’t have to target them separately to be effective. In today’s world, we all live busy lives – Four Fitness believes you can accomplish a superiorly […]

Obesity epidemic in America amongst children and adults has been on the rise for quite some time. Studies have shown, in the last year, the Garden State has experienced a spike in obesity rates. According to, NJ is among 5 other states (AK, DE, ID, TN, and WY) that have been found to have an […]

In males, Testosterone is a hormone primarily secreted by the testicles. Decline in Testosterone’s secretion is multi-factoral, and major factors are genetics and age. According to some experts, testosterone levels start to drop at age 30. Some risk factors to a more rapid decline of testosterone are high body fat percentages and low Body Mass Index( BMI). […]

Legs, core, back, and chest are your 4 major muscle groups. Follow us on IG, fb page, twitter and snapshots for an aesthetic approach to fitness by experiencing our 4MMG system, a profound and efficient way of training. When these four muscle groups are utilized simultaneously, we achieve more effectively. This methodology is ideal in jump […]

Simplicity and consistency are the keys to a healthier lifestyle. One heavy meal won’t make you fat and one healthy meal will not make you skinny. On the other hand, you should consistently eat five to six portion controlled meals per day while incorporating each of the 5 major food groups into your diet. We recommend incorporating […]

We use core exercise routines to optimize your calorie burn effectively and efficiently. In this busy world we live in, you will benefit more from our one-hour training method at Four Fitness vs using cardiovascular equipment and then strength training. Please allow McGinley Square’s first personal training studio to tailor an exercise routine that will hit your target. We recommend […]

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